Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Monday November 12, 2012 at Duston United LTC…

COMMITTEE MEMBERS PRESENT – Barry Searle (BS) Chairman, Mark Beesley (MB) Secretary, Clive Geddes (CG) Treasurer, Aub Draper (AB), Gill Smith (GS), Trish Harland (TH), Lisa Hodges (LH), Margaret Green (MG).

CLUBS REPRESENTED: Abington, Brackley, Collingtree, County, Dallington, Duston United, Earls Barton, Ferrers, Harpole, Heyford, Kettering, LMRCA, Northampton, Roade, Rugby, Rushmere, Towcestrians, Wollaston.

APOLOGIES: Brian Tunbridge (BT), Tim Graham (TG), Colin Chapman (CC), Mark Bird (M Bi), Tony Redden (TR), Bob Griffiths, Iain Wetherell, Scaldwell TC.

CHAIRMAN’S OPENING REMARKSBS welcomed everyone to the meeting which was the first ever to be held at Duston United. He thanked the host club for organising efforts and making everyone so welcome, setting a finish time of 9.30pm.

MINUTES OF THE 2011 AGM – These were confirmed a true and accurate record, proposed by Ram Gallo of Northampton and seconded by Graeme Baker of Rugby.

MATTERS ARISING BS said the business of the on-line submission of results would be dealt with later on in the meeting.

PRESIDENT’S ADDRESSAD added thanks to Duston United for staging an AGM in their recently re-furbished clubhouse. He also praised the committee for its efforts in ensuring the smooth running of the league in as wet a summer as he could remember. In particular he applauded retiring Fixtures’ Secretary BT who had also maintained the League web-site, BS for his total over-view, MB for all matters publicity and those responsible for running different leagues such as GS, TR, CC and Sylvia Dean (SD). AD said it was refreshing to see Brackley break the stranglehold of the Northampton clubs by winning Ladies Division One before congratulating all promoted clubs. At this point David Barr of Duston raised the issue of Duston United C’s relegation from Division Two, with Kilsby having withdrawn before the season started. BS said it was always the League’s intention to honour promotion places but a certain amount of re-jigging would be necessary with new team entries etc.

SECRETARY’S REPORT – MB reported the resignation of Scaldwell and Kilsby meant the League was down to 21 clubs but placed a positive spin on the emergence of clubs such as Collingtree, and the growth of Duston United. He went on to read out a final report from BT who had announced his unavailability to organise the 2013 fixtures in July, and who had subsequently retired from the committee. He said that in 2012 he had slightly altered the fixtures process by asking clubs for their team match nights and inserting match dates before issuing the first draft. This had received good co-operation from the clubs and while making extra work at the outset, had saved time in the long run. He pointed out that the problem for any new fixture organiser was knowing if mixed matches clashed with men’s or ladies fixtures for certain clubs, as many of the same players were involved in both.

TREASURER’S REPORT – CG distributed a balance sheet which showed an income over expenditure of £193.81 for the year ending 1/11/12 but explained there was still £400 worth of expenditure to come out, as part of the recent dinner-dance outlay, along with £104.42 for gifts and bouquets, so the overall picture was actually a slight loss. He also said his two avenues of potential fresh sponsorship deals had not proved successful, although the current Wilson agreement did not expire until the end of 2013. A proposal to accept accounts was made by Margaret Green (Dallington) and seconded by Malcolm Ward (Rushmere).

CUP COMPETITIONS – BS reminded everyone the Stevens Shield and Mellor Cups were being run by the League on behalf of Northants LTA and thanks to the work of Ram Gallo (RG) there had been some excellent final days in the last few years but much of what went before had been an embarrassment, due to a weight of walkovers, byes and teams not turning up for matches. RG said it was a shame as the most number of matches they would be expected to play would be four, including the finals day. A discussion took place about setting aside a week in the league season rather like the FA Cup in football but due to the number of teams in divisions or playing at weekends, this had not proved possible before. Clubs were now being asked their express their option at entering, rather than being entered automatically. Graham Baker said it would be helpful if teams could be sent e-mails reminding them they had fixtures, rather than seeking them out on the web-site.

MOTIONS FOR ALTERATIONS TO RULES – A motion was put forward to be incorporated in Rule 6 that all internal matches be played by June 30 at the latest, otherwise no points would be awarded to either team. This was passed unanimously.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS - This was carried out en bloc with the exception of BT who had resigned while GS had deferred an original resignation. The re-instatement was proposed by Dave Mundy (Northampton) and seconded by Graeme Baker (Rugby). On the subject of Fixtures/Web-site, BS said a discussion had begun with Mike Preston of Harpole who had promised to take a look at the fixtures’ system, to determine the scope of the job and to recommend what options might be available.

PUBLICITY/WEB SITE The Mydivision system was already in place for the on-line submission of results in the top two divisions of the Men’s Winter League. BS said considering it was only a month into the trial, matters were already going well but there had been a hiccup in getting other results on the web-site. However, he was hopeful this would be resolved in the short term. At this point BS expressed his gratitude on behalf of the League to BT for his immense contribution, especially for his work with the fixtures.

AOBBS said an e-mail to clubs two months earlier asking about optimum division sizes had produced a disappointing response but a brief discussion formed 11 or 12 as the ideal. The current 14 was probably too large. In a cost-cutting measure, BS also suggested the number of individual trophies handed out to division winners should be reduced to four and this was agreed all round. The meeting closed at 9.27pm.