Rules and Guidance on changing Match Dates;


        Fixtures for the ensuing season shall be arranged by the Fixtures Secretary and must be played between April and August inclusive, unless otherwise varied at the Fixture Secretary's discretion.

        All internal fixtures in the summer leagues must be completed by 30th June latest. Failure to do so will result in the match being declared null and void and no points awarded to either team.

        Matches may not be postponed for any reason other than bad weather. Postponed / abandoned matches must be re-arranged by the Captains concerned and completed within 1 calendar month of the originally scheduled date or by the end of August, whichever is the earlier and reported to the Results Coordinator ( within 7 days of the original date. Abandoned matches must be played in their entirety.

        (Guidance; Matches may be moved forward but ONLY if both clubs agree)

        Failure to agree a suitable date or complete a match within the prescribed period must be reported to the Results Coordinator within 7 days by the Home Team Captain - to avoid the risk of the match being awarded to the opposition or declared void.

        (Guidance; If a match is abandoned the home team should, within 7days, offer 3 dates within 1 calendar month of the original fixture to the away team. The away team can choose from these 3 dates. More dates may be requested but the home team is under NO OBLIGATION to provide more than the first 3 dates.)


As of March 2013 all fixtures will be shown only on . If Club captains or fixtures secretaries wish to record any changes to match dates on please send a request by email to the league fixtures secretary at .


I am happy to help if you have any problems, just give me a call on 01604 706405 or drop me an email to


Tim Walden NLTL Fixtures Sec